Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside...BRRRR........

The cold temps lately have been ROUGH! We (me and Mason) haven't really gotten out of the house much lately due to the cold weather. I hate dragging him in and out of places with it being this cold, so we just stay in most of the time. I did take him to kindermusik on Monday, and to the dr. on Thursday morning. Poor lil guy has a mild head cold! I've noticed that with the heater running more in the house, he's been getting a bit stuffy. So, I decided to take him to the dr. just to make sure that it wasn't anything serious. I knew it wasn't, but I'm an anal first time mommy so.......I took him in! LOL

He was cracking me up! He was a bit fussy as his appt was during naptime, but as soon as I laid him down on the table he went crazy kicking! He loved the noise that the paper on the table made under his feet! Wow...the little things that make them happy! HA
On Saturday, I went to my mom's work Christmas party with her and Crown Uptown in Wichita. We had a pretty good time! It was a Christmas show of course, and was really entertaining. Good drinks, good food, good show, and good people....good time! :-)
Afterwards, we went to Kohl's to do a little Christmas shopping. I'm pretty happy as I think I have all of my Christmas shopping done, with the exception of one or two. WAHOO

On a closing note, I wanted to post a couple of pictures of some awesome christmas lights that my mom and I saw last night going through Eastborough on our way to Kohl's after the show.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I can't believe the weekend is over, and that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Off to Kindermusik tomorrow, and lots to do this coming week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Today, I am celebrating my 32nd (gulp) birthday!

I woke up to a nice breakfast yesterday that my husband went and got for us, then we went to a movie (The Blindside....I HIGHLY recommend it) while meme and pops watched Mason. We hadn't gotten away, just the two of us, since Mason was 6 weeks old (he's 5 months old now) so it was very nice! After the movie, we met my mom, sisters, and my brother Tyler at the Ridge for dinner. We had a good and relaxing time!

My parents and brother got me a neat snowman that says "Jesus is the light of the world" which was SOOO cute! They also got me a super cute necklace and earrings that I love!

My sister Lindsay's family got me a gift card to The Ridge, and my sister Melissa and her kids got me a pink Snuggie!!!

Kevin and Mason got me a Coach wallet to match one of my purses and Mason's diaper bag, two Christmas CD's (I LOOOVE Christmas music), and a digital picture frame that I've been wanting.

My favorite birthday gift this year Mr. Mason!

I had a fantastic birthday, and am so grateful to my family and friends for all of the birthday wishes!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some changes they are a comin!

When Kevin and I bought our house back in January of 2002, we thought we had tons of room. We really didn't have the idea of kids in the back of our minds or the space that they would take up! LOL Since having Mason, our house has slowly started filling up with jumperoos, bouncers, play pens, etc. His little nursery is so packed full of goodies and his furniture is so big that it's hard to get around in!

our basement, while it has room, is hard to carry swings, baby stuff up and down so it really doesn't get used.

Here, you can see how jammed packed our living room is ! LOL

And here is Mason's crowded nursery!

So, we've taken the leap and decided to put our house on the market!

While I am excited at the prospect of getting into a larger home that everyone can have their own space in, it's a bittersweet moment.
While talking about it last week, I got a bit wet eyed thinking about leaving this home. Kevin and I purchased and moved into this home about a year before we were married, we dreamed of having children in this home for 5 long years and then got to bring Mason home here. We have had many good times here, but as Kevin pointed out we will make many more good memories in another home and be able to watch Mason grow there. There is one house in Oxford that we really like, and are hoping to check in out in the next couple of weeks, but won't be in any big hurry until our house is sold. Fingers crossed!

So, there will soon be a "for sale" sign in our yard! :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

OK....I've now joined the blogging craze!

Everyone I know is blogging, so I decided that it would be neat to start. Now that we have little man Mason, I thought it would be a neat way to keep family and friends updated on what is happening with our family! I will try VERY hard to keep this blog updated. I am normally not very good with keeping up on things like this, but we'll see....

I am going to try to add the last 5 months together and glob it into one HUGE post! Hey, I know it's crazy but I can't keep people updated unless I start at the beginning can I?!?!?!

First and most important, we gave birth to our beautiful pride and joy on July 9th, 2009. He weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz, and I have him via c-section. We waited 5 long years for him, and I have to say that it was so worth the wait and I wouldn't change one single thing in the course of those 5 long years knowing what I would receive in the end!

It was a wonderful day, and we've enjoyed watching him grow ever since.............

Mason just 30 minutes old!

Mason with daddy!

Mason 1 week old

Mason (4 weeks old) and daddy the day before the first Oklahoma State game!

Mason-4 weeks old

Mason-6 weeks old

Mason 8 weeks old

Mason 10 weeks old

Mason 14 weeks old

Mason 16 weeks old

Mason 17 weeks old

Mason at Halloween

Mason 21 weeks old

Mason's first Christmas!

And here are a few pictures of Mason's "first times":

First vacation to Grand Lake at 6 weeks old with mommy, daddy, uncle Tyler, aunt Lindsay, uncle Dennis, and cousins Taler, Alison, Raegan, Aspen, and Sutton. Meme came too!

Sutton and Mason hanging out in their strollers looking out at Grand Lake!
Kevin with our new boat!

We also went to Kansas City with Kevin for a business conference. While Kevin worked, Mason, my mom, and myself had fun shopping, riding the carousel, and just relaxing!!

On Thanksgiving weekend, we got to go to Branson with aunt Melissa, Dayton, and Kaelyn. We had a blast and even went to Silver Dollar City and Dixie Stampede!
Here I am with Daddy riding the tram to Silver Dollar City. The lights were awesome!

And here is my first bite of green beans. I loved them!

So...there you have it! Five months in one post! HA Hopefully you won't be reading my next post filled with pictures 5 months from now!