Friday, October 8, 2010

Not much new...but figured i should post1

It's been awhile since I've posted, so i figured I had better get something typed up! HA

First off, I have to update you on my little Mason....
he is walking EVERYWHERE! It took him awhile to crawl on all 4's, so I was thinking he would be a very late walker! He actually took his first steps at a little over 13 months so not to late. He is now into everything and is FAST! He smiles all of the time (now that he is almost done teething), loves to give hugs, has 12 teeth now, and is saying all sorts of words! He says mama all of the time, says dada, and uh-oh. He also loves to say "icky", bye bye, hi, and makes tons of noises! He tries to mimic everything we do, so we are really trying to watch what we do...and SAY! LOL

Last month the Price family headed to Tennessee for my family reunion labor day
weekend. We flew out of Wichita into Nashville, where my pappaw was waiting to pick us up! We headed to his house for a few days before we went to Gatlinburg for a few more days before heading back to Wichita. It was a week worth of flying, driving, and more driving but it was so worth it! We had a blast, and I was so glad that Mason got the opportunity to see where his mommy got to spend her summers. My pappaw and mammaw's house used to be (and still is) one of my most favorite places to be......

Mason, Pappaw, and me in Gatlinburg, TN

Mason at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg

Mason and Kevin

Another thing we started back up doing is swimming every Sunday afternoon at the indoor pool at Southwestern College. We did this with Mason until the beginning of summer last year and he loved it. He even enjoys it more now!

One of our favorite times of the year came around last month....BLUEGRASS! We didn't take Mason last year as he was just a few months old, but we were VERY excited to take him this year! I took Mason down to the festival every day during the Bluegrass week just to walk around and see everything. He loved the music, people watching, and we are excited to try camping with him next year! Kevin and I were also excited to be able to spend some time with my sisters and my bro in law one night at bluegrass. It was nice to be able to enjoy the music without chasing Mason around! HA

Bluegrass baby!

Kevin playing some guitar

Me enjoying some "hillbilly brew" LOL

Me and Amy, one of my greatest friends from high school

Overall, some pretty fun times in the past couple of months! We are looking forward to Halloween and some fall weather! I have been taking Mason to the park daily, and we are both loving the Fall weather. I have also signed up for a couple of 5K runs for Oct/Nov so I am looking forward to that as well.

Time sure does fly...the next time I will post you will probably see Christmas decorations up! HA

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I now have a 1 year old!!!

How time flies.........

My little baby Mason is now a year old. We had his birthday party on Saturday, July 10th at the Oxford Christian Church. It was a blast! We threw it with a Cowboy theme (imagine that!) complete with cowboy hats, sheriff badges, hankies, and a candy buffet! Unfortunately it was so hectic that I didn't really get any pictures which made me SICK after I realized this, but my sister in law Jennifer got some thankfully!

Since it was a cowboy theme, I thought it would be neat to try to incorporate some of Mason's grandad and great-grandad's "cowboy" stuff!

Here is a picture of Mason's great grandpa Chamberlains spurs:
And here is a picture of Mason's grandpa Tom's cowboy hat:

Picture of the candy buffet:

The birthday boy!!!!!!

It was a great time, and we are STILL trying to find places for these toys to go! HA

We also took a family trip to Grand Lake a couple of weeks ago. We went with my sisters and their families. A few of my older nieces that were there watched the kiddo's for a couple of hours, so we were able to get away and have some adult time......we had a blast!

We also got to take Mason out on the boat the next day. I think he really liked it!!

Mason had his 1 year well baby visit today at the dr. office. He got his immunizations....mommy did NOT like it! LOL He weighed 25 lbs, was 31 inches long....and everything looked great!

I think that's about it for now. I'm hoping to keep this updated much more often. Let's see if that happens! We have alot coming up, so I'm hoping to keep things posted! :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm keeping up with this....every few months anyways....

So, it looks like I'm going to be one of those bloggers that doesn't bother updating but every 3-4 months. I guess it's better than no updates at all! Although it's very hard to remember what happens over a 3-4 month span, when I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast some days! HA
We have had alot happen over the past several months. I think my last post left off in March/April. We've had alot of ups and downs in the months that followed........

Kevin's best friend, Bryan, passed away very unexpectedly. While many of you probably know
the details, I feel it best to leave those out. Just know that he was probably one of the most kind and funny people that I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. He was so unselfish and could make anyone's mood go from bad to good in a matter of minutes! He and Kevin were best friends since the 5th grade, and he had lived out of state for most of his adult life. We had the good
fortune of having him back in our lives for the past 1 1/2 years as he moved back to Oxford. In
that time, we got to spend alot of time with him. Good ol' preggo Rachel was the DD for MOST of Bryan and Kevin's adventures! LOL He was one of the first people to hold Mason when he was
born, he made meals and brought them to our home everyday for 5 or 6 days when we got home from the hospital! Just an amazing person! His smile and laughter will be missed forever..........

In May, we decided to take a little weekend trip to Branson. We needed to get away for a bit, so thought this would be a nice little getaway. Alot different from the Carribean trips we took pre-baby, but oh well....we wouldn't change THAT for the world! Mason beats any ol' island vaca ANYWAY!
I got the flu pretty badly the day before we left, but felt a bit better the next day so we decided to go for it. My mom came too, so we were all ready for some fun. Despite me being nauseated for 4 straight days, rain cancelling our Silver Dollar City day, and my mom not feeling so
hot.....we had a ball! LOL We got to see some fun shows, and do my fav thing in Branson...s
ome great SHOPPING!
We saw this hilarious show called Legends (impersonaters) and I guess this is me with Tim
McGraw! LOL It's OK to be jealous......HA

Memorial Day weekend we got to take the boat out for the first time. We have a long weekend planned at Grand Lake in a few weeks, but we just couldn't wait to get it out! The last time we had the boat out was at Grand Lake last August. We had Bryan with us (it was my whole family) and we had a great time. This picture will show you why he could change a mood pretty quickly! LOL (and he just had his swimsuit hiked up!)

Our niece Lynzie came to visit for a little under a week! We love having her here, and she just
LOOOVES Mr. Mason! He feels the same for her, so we were pretty sad to see her leave. She is
planning on going to Grand Lake with us, so more fun times to be had with her in the very near
future! :-)

We also got to celebrate my little nephew Sutton's birthday last weekend!
He is exactly two weeks older than Mason. We LOVE living right across the street from them! I think Sutton and Mason will be very close, and I can't wait to see what kind of trouble these two get into together!
And as most of you know, Mason's first birthday is coming up soon!!! One week from this Friday to be exact! We are throwing him a big birthday party on the 10th and I am SO excited! I can't believe how much my little guy has grown in the last year! He is STILL army crawling. He can get up on all fours, but just chooses not to that often. I think army crawling is WAY faster! LOL
He is pulling up on everything and cruising the furniture. I can tell he really wants to stand on his own, but so far can only do it with one hand still holding onto something. I'm not rushing him on this! In his own time............
We had our AWESOME photographer (LAURA MCPHERSON with ELEPHANT JUICE PHOTOGRAPHY) do his 1 year pics a bit early so we could have some back in time for his party.
She did a great job (as always)! She has taken his pictures at all stages (newborn, 3 month, christmas, 6 month, 9 month, and one year). I thought I would post some of them so you could
see "oh what a difference a year makes!"



CHRISTMAS (around 5 months):




I have a slideshow I have put together and will post after his birthday party. Just makes me cry thinking about how fast time is going. I just love my little guy so much!

One last bit of exciting news....Kevin was invited to sing the national anthem at the Winfield Country Roundup! He sang a song for Bryan's funeral service and had so many people love it that they called him up! He is excited yet a bit nervous. Here is a link to the song he sang for Bry. Such a wonderful hidden talent that hubby of mine has!

Hopefully I will be posting some pictures of Mason's birthday party afterwards. Who knows...he might be 18 months old before that! LOL

Hope all is well with everyone, and thanks for reading! :-)

The Price clan

Thursday, April 8, 2010 computer was broke? No? OK......I had temporary amnesia and forgot my password to log on? No takers? OK OK....point is I have been VEEERY bad! I was so proud of myself for logging on and posting quite often (the first month I started this blog! LOL) and have REEEALY let it slip! catch everyone up on the last 4 months......where to begin! HA

First off, Mason is doing AWESOME! He had his 9 month check up yesterday and weighs
in at an impressive 24 lbs and is almost 31 inches long! He's tall and big!!! LOL He is in the 95
percentile in weight and off the charts with his length. He has two bottom teeth which are the cutest little things, and is growing like CRAZY! Here are a few pics to catch you all up!

Not to much happened in the month of January besides Mason's 6 month pictures, and us selling our home! We also started taking Mason to the indoor swimming pool every Sunday afternoon, and he LOVES it! Kevin loves having that special daddy/Mason time as well!

We went to Arizona to see Kevin's twin sister Karen, her husband Ben, and their ADORABLE 1 1/2 year old little girl Katelyn. We hadn't been to AZ in over a yea
r (last time we were there was when Katelyn was born) so we were super excited to go back. Katelyn has grown SOOO much since we saw her last (they came to visit K
S when Mason was born last July). Mason really enjoyed the warm weather, and we went to a nearby park where he had his first swing in a baby swing! He loved it! Thanks for the great visit Skoog family!

Also in February, Kevin and I made a big decision and decided to move from
Oxford. We bought a house in Winfield, right across from my sister Lindsay and her family!
This has just been incredible! We have gotten to see my family so much more, and Kevin really enjoys it as he gets to sp
end time with my nieces (well.......he takes them to Braum's alot which he says is because "they beg him", but I think he uses them as an excuse to eat ice cream all the time! HA HA Whatever the reason....they really appreciate him!). Anyways, our house is much bigger which is nice for the space but it takes me a bit more to keep everything nice and tidy. We are really enjoying it though! We have a big pond nearby that Mason and I enjoy walking to. We even fed some ducks
the other day!

Mason also got his first haircut on March 11th (his daddy's birthday)! His
hair was growing so long that I was having to tuck it behind his ears! Yikes! So.......
We had a big family gathering at Easter this past Sunday. We had a blast and took a TON of pictures with my sister Lindsay's awesome camera!

I will try very hard to do my best at keeping this think updated! I can not believe it's been so long! LOL